We provide specialty resins for various applications for the coatings and allied industries. All of our polysaccharide resins are made from renewable plant sources and are non-toxic. This makes them ideal for formulating “green coatings”.

Lorama Polysaccharide Resins

Lorama’s signature polysaccharide resins form the basis of our Lorama Polysaccharide Resin Technology (LPRT) system, which provides significant cost savings on the total paint cost and VOC reduction to allow manufacturers to meet environmental regulations.

ECØ FLO™Open/Close

ECØ FLO™ is a high-solids VOC-free polysaccharide resin designed as a humectant for the manufacture of water-based and universal colourants.


  • Free flowing liquid
  • Non-freezing at -15oC
  • Suitable for the manufacture of universal and water-based colourants
  • 100% renewable
  • VOC-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritating
  • Cost effective
  • “Green” sustainable product


Specialty engineered calcined and hydrous kaolins and mineral fibres for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and other industries such as wire & cable, plastics, construction etc.

BASF Engineered KaolinsOpen/Close

basfBASF engineered kaolins provide benefits in coatings and inks including increased opacity, tint strength and sheen control. They improve electrical and physical performance in wire & cable, increase mechanical strength, impact and flex strength in rubber and plastics and strengthen concrete and cement based products. Visit for more information.