Specialty engineered calcined and hydrous kaolins and mineral fibres for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and other industries such as wire & cable, plastics, construction etc.

Engineered Kaolins (BASF)Open/Close

basfBASF engineered kaolins provide benefits in coatings and inks including increased opacity, tint strength and sheen control. They improve electrical and physical performance in wire & cable, increase mechanical strength, impact and flex strength in rubber and plastics and strengthen concrete and cement based products. Visit www.kaolin.basf.com for more information.

Engineered Mineral Fibres (Lapinus)Open/Close

lapinusIntelligent fibres, spun from high purity volcanic rock provide fire protection, reinforcement, impact resistance, etc. in a variety of Industrial coating applications. Visit www.lapinusfibres.com for more information.

Syloid W silicas (Grace)Open/Close

graceA new generation of silica matting agents specifically for water borne coatings with high matting efficiency and high brightness, produces clean colours and tints.