A unique water based interior deck and wood stain system that performs like a solvent based stain. There is no grain-raising and no visible lap marks with multiple coat applications. This innovative technology uses renewable raw material resources.


LWD™90E is an innovative, VOC-free modifier for use in the manufacture of water-based interior stains. Stains formulated with LWD™90E penetrate into the wood fibers, providing excellent preservation and protection. Conventional water-based stains can also be enhanced for ease of application with increased open time, reduced lapping and minimal grain raising. The non-volatile component of LWD™90E is derived from renewable plant resources.

PRODUCT FEATURESwooden shield 2

  • Superior penetration and absorption into the wood substrate
  • Reduces lap marks
  • Re-wets to give longer open time
  • Minimal grain raising
  • Excellent compatibility with pigments and colourants
  • Low odour