Lorama Group prides itself on developing and bringing to market innovative technology and the latest advancements in sustainable chemistry for many industries. Being a pioneer on the forefront of innovation means our advanced Research and Development specialists are constantly researching, monitoring and testing the next best thing.

We excel as forward thinkers by:

  • Translating in-house fundamental knowledge from the laboratory directly to the market
  • Collaborating with customers and industry partners to deliver real-world solutions

We actively engage with scientific leaders and partner with organizations that support the bright young minds of tomorrow. Our academic partnerships facilitate interaction with world-class Canadian researchers, allowing Lorama to tap into ground-breaking and commercially viable technologies stemming from university campuses.

Our work with GreenCentre Canada allows us the ability to accelerate the commercialization of promising green chemistry innovations. Our one-stop access to de-risked, value-added green chemistry solutions gives us coatings industry exclusivity and “right of first refusal” for technology developments.