Calatysts & Hardeners



We offer specialty products including epoxy curing agents and oxazolidines. Visit for more information.

Engineered Materials

Specialty engineered calcined and hydrous kaolins and mineral fibres for paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and other industries such as wire & cable, plastics, construction etc.

BASF Engineered KaolinsOpen/Close

basfBASF engineered kaolins provide benefits in coatings and inks including increased opacity, tint strength and sheen control. They improve electrical and physical performance in wire & cable, increase mechanical strength, impact and flex strength in rubber and plastics and strengthen concrete and cement based products. Visit for more information.

Lapinus Engineered Mineral FibresOpen/Close

Intelligent fibres, spun from high purity volcanic rock provide fire protection, reinforcement, impact resistance, etc. in a variety of Industrial coating applications. Visit for more information.

Polyurethane Dispersions

Water borne polyurethane dispersions that allow manufacturers to formulate zero VOC and NMP free coatings.

Scott Bader Specialty PolymersOpen/Close

ScottSpecialty acrylic and styrene acrylate dispersions and thickeners, polyvinyl acetate emulsions and polyvinylidene chloride polymers for DTM, anti-corrosive and fire retardant coatings.