J. F. Shelton is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals, raw materials and packaging serving the West Coast of the United States and Canada.

The experienced J. F. Shelton team sales force brings direct service to the industry. Maintaining its’ own warehousing across Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Canada. Establishing a timely network able to deliver innovative formulation solutions for customers.

J. F. Shelton provides a consistent long term market presence and established customer relationships for our principal partners.

J. F. Shelton

J.F. Shelton Company was started in the early 1970’s as a division of the E.T. Horn Company in the north-west. However, in 1973 Jack Shelton bought the rights to E.T. Horn’s product lines and renamed the company J.F. Shelton Company.

In November 2005, J.F. Shelton expanded further with the introduction of our California/SouthWest operations.