Specialty Chemical Sales Inc. is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals, raw materials and packaging serving the Midwestern United States.

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, our highly experienced sales force brings direct service to the industry. Maintaining its own warehousing throughout continental United States, we are able to deliver timely, innovative formulation solutions for customers.

SCS provides consistent long-term market presence and established customer relationships for our principal partners.

About SCS

Founded in January of 1995, Specialty Chemical Sales is a strong, dependable, customer focused, pioneer and industry innovator offering comprehensive, sustainable product formulation solutions for many industries. We are technology driven and innovation oriented.

Our reputation will only by surpassed by the quality of the service we provide.

Industry Associations

Specialty Chemical Sales will excel as a distributor and manufacturers’ agent to the markets we serve by building lasting relationships with our customers, principals and employees. We will promote environmental responsibility and safety in our operations through our membership and involvement in NACD & ACA.

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