A selection of cost competitive, problem solving materials that provide specific performance benefits in paints, coatings and inks including pH adjustment, rheology control, pigment dispersion/stabilization and foam control. In addition, we offer specialty additives including matting agents, epoxy curing adducts and moisture scavengers. Our additives deliver measurable solutions for manufacturers.

Anti-settling & Rheology

Falgel™ SeriesOpen/Close

Falgel™ 60 is a specialized finely ground colloidal clay, which forms aqueous thixotropic gels. It is an effective co-thickener with CMC, HEC and associative thickeners for flat, satin and gloss architectural latex coatings.

Falgel™ 90 is a specialized finely ground colloidal clay. It provides excellent sag and syneresis control as well as superior anti-settling properties and reduces roller spatter in aqueous coatings. It is recommended for use in various water-based coating systems including satin, semi-gloss and gloss coatings. It is not recommended for use in solvent-based systems.


  • Controls syneresis
  • Controls pigment settling
  • Provides sag control
  • Reduces roller spatter
  • Fast shear thinning and recovery properties
  • Not susceptible to bacterial attack
  • Synergistic with cellulosic and associative thickeners
  • Excellent non-drip properties
  • Cost efficient
RheoFal™ SeriesOpen/Close

RheoFal™ 101, RheoFal™ 102 and RheoFal™ 301 are an easy dispersing organically modified bentonite clay. It is especially suited for low to medium polarity solvent based paints and coatings. It provides excellent viscosity build, sag control and anti-settling properties in these coating systems. PRODUCT FEATURES

  • Provides thixotropy
  • Enables viscosity control
  • Eliminates settling of pigments & extenders
  • Can be added as powder or pregel
  • Provides excellent shelf and heat aged viscosity stability
  • Provides excellent long-term anti-settling resistance

Dispersants & Surfactants

Multi-functional dispersants and pigment stabilizers for all types of pigments/coating applications.


Ethox LogoThe E-Sperse® product line from Ethox Chemicals includes pigment dispersants for aqueous and non-aqueous systems, as well as new products such as reactive alkyd surfactants (RX Series), reactive latex surfactants (RS Series), epoxy emulsifiers, and specialty polymer additives

(EthoFlex™ ER epoxy additive and E-Sperse® FT-600 freeze/thaw additive
LDA™ SeriesOpen/Close
Polymeric dispersing agents and pigment stabilizers for inorganic and organic pigments.


  • Proven compatiblility and synergy with LPRT-modified solvent-based systems
  • Excellent for inorganic and organic pigments
  • Non-yellowing effect in white colours
  • Reduces dispersion time

CATALYSTS & Hardeners



We offer specialty products including epoxy curing agents and oxazolidines. Visit www.incorez.com for more information.

Foam Control

Falden 22Open/Close

Falden 22 is a general-purpose defoamer and antifoam for aqueous paints and coatings based on proprietary, silicone-free chemistry. It provides effective foam control in flat and satin latex paints. Falden 22 is also used for emulsion polymerization and latex manufacture, as well as development of water-based inks.


  • Effective defoaming action
  • Persistent antifoam properties
  • Suitable for use in both grind & letdown stages
LAF™ SeriesOpen/Close
LAF™ 120 is a silicone-free mineral oil-based anti-foam additive designed to be used in conjunction with Lorama Polysaccharide Resin Technology (LPRT). PRODUCT FEATURES
  • Silicone-free
  • Proven compatibility and synergy with LPRT-modified paints.

pH Modifier



  • Effective long term pH control
  • Low odour
  • Low water sensitivity
  • Absence of crystalline residue upon evaporation
  • Equal performance in finished products
  • Cost reduction
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Polyurethane Dispersions

Water borne polyurethane dispersions that allow manufacturers to formulate zero VOC and NMP free coatings.

Scott Bader Specialty PolymersOpen/Close

ScottSpecialty acrylic and styrene acrylate dispersions and thickeners, polyvinyl acetate emulsions and polyvinylidene chloride polymers for DTM, anti-corrosive and fire retardant coatings.