We provide a wide range of high quality organic, inorganic pigments and dyes for paints, plastics and inks.


High purity functional fillers for a variety of coating applications.

BASF Engineered KaolinsOpen/Close

basfBASF engineered kaolins provide benefits in coatings and inks including increased opacity, tint strength and sheen control. They improve electrical and physical performance in wire & cable, increase mechanical strength, impact and flex strength in rubber and plastics and strengthen concrete and cement based products. Visit www.kaolin.basf.com for more information.

Faltalc 3Open/Close
Faltalc 3 is produced from high purity ores that yield a talc with fine particle size and high brightness. This talc provides excellent holdout and barrier properties for porous substrates when used in paints and coatings.

Sil-Cell® is an inert, inorganic, non-toxic and non-hazardous glass micro cellular material with spherical and irregular morphology, used specifically for automobile body fillers. The irregular shapes promote greater tensile strength than the usual spherical bubbles.


  • Provides superior rheology characteristics such as ease of spreadability
  • Improved stability, shelf life, sandability and impact resistance


We supply high quality pigments for the coatings, ink, plastics and construction industries.


Aakash Chemicals Logo Aakash Chemicals: is a hybrid manufacturer specializing in organic pigments, liquid colorants, slip additives, and specialty resins. Organic pigments are specifically suited for paints, plastics and ink applications.

Wax Additives – Plastics and Inks:

Aakash offers a wide range of Amide waxes for the plastics and inks industry. Please see the Additives section.

Specialty Ketonic Resins – Industrial Coatings

Aakash offers Ketonic Resins that enhance dry times, improve hardness and exterior durability of solvent based coatings. Specifically engineered, the HK 100 ketonic resin is used in a variety of solvent based coatings. Please see the Resins section.